What item comes to mind while picturing the perfect barn wedding? Well, the barn of course, but beyond that it would have to be the burlap!

It’s seen everywhere at a barn wedding. From table runners, to banners, to bows, to invitations…like I said, it’s just everywhere!

With that, burlap is definitely not a one size fits all product. Consider what you’re using it for and then decide what width, length, and color is going to work best for you. I’m going to give you some suggestions, but please don’t take my word for it. Get that measuring tape out and take a look for yourself.

I’ve already gone through the hard work of finding the highest rated burlap products on Amazon and have listed them on this page. I’ve also broken them down into three categories below. Large, medium, and small width burlap. Several of these products even come in various colors. Let’s take a look…

Large Width Burlap

A 40 inch or 60 inch wide burlap is what you’d want to use as a table cloth. Heck, you could even use this width of burlap as an aisle runner at the wedding itself or even a drapery backdrop of sorts…maybe in a photo booth. It’s your wedding, you know how you’ll use it!

Medium Width Burlap

If you pictured burlap table runners rather than tablecloths for your big day, a 12 or 14 inch wide burlap is what you’re looking for. I’d also use this width if you were thinking of having large decorative bows, say on the backs of chairs or along the church pews at the wedding itself.

Small Width Burlap

For smaller bows, one would definitely look to use somewhere between a 4 to 1.5 inch wide burlap. These sizes would be perfect for the ribbon on a ball jar, bows for bouquets and any presents you may be giving to the bridal party.

Hopefully these suggestions get you thinking about the size of burlap you’re going to need. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Have you found some awesome burlap out there?

Don’t just stop at burlap though. You’ve got a lot of other decorating to do. Check out our other post for some tips and tricks to decorating for a barn wedding.

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