The idea of a barn wedding is fairly new. Ten years ago, no one would’ve believed you if you had said you were going to get married in a barn…well, I’ve got news for them, times have changed! So, how do you go about decorating for a barn wedding, one might ask. Perhaps you’ve never attended one and have no idea how to give a barn that charming look you picture at your wedding. Well, having attended several myself, I’d be happy to fill you in on seven simple tips.

1. Burlap


It is hard to picture a barn wedding that does not incorporate burlap. There is just something about it that screams BARN WEDDING! Why, well first, it is a major trend right now. And then there’s the fact that IT’S CHEAP. The cost of a wedding adds up so fast, if you are in a setting like a barn, why not go with the barn style and save a couple hundred dollars while you’re at it. In fact, we’ve searched for some of the best burlap available and have put it all on a single page to make it easy. Go check out our Burlap Guide.

2. Mason Jars


Again, these don’t cost much, and they look so darn cute! I’ve seen mason jars used as drinking glasses at barn weddings, and I’ve also seen them used as center-pieces. They make great vases, or even candle holders. My favorite use of the mason jar is probably the hanging mason jars with lit candles inside. There’s just something so elegant, yet simple about it.

3.  String lights


Ah, the string lights. These are just so gorgeous in a barn setting. It just gives the barn that rustic flare most barn wedding couples are going for. Go wild with these, the more the better, in my opinion anyway, ha! If you’re thinking ahead, be sure to pick these up right after Christmas. You’ll be sure to get a steal of a deal this way.

4. Candles


Also, be sure to use plenty of candles. Candles are just so romantic. Use them on your tables, around the barn and even in hanging mason jars as mentioned above. However, be sure to enclose them in a votive or other candle holder of sorts as you don’t want to go burning the barn down! Now that would be a wedding to remember, but maybe for the wrong reasons, lol.

5. Chalkboards


Chalkboard art is also really hot right now…nice lead in from the fire, right? You could use chalkboard signs for a number of things: the dinner menu, your guest book sign, the welcome sign, parking, gifts, etc. There are unlimited uses for chalkboard art at a barn wedding. Don’t want to bust the budget? Make them yourself. If you aren’t a crafty person, I’m sure you know one. Ask them for a little help. I’m sure they’d be happy to help out with your big day.

6. Buntings


This is a great way to tie your wedding colors into the mix. Barn weddings have lots of natural earthy colors going on, this is one way to add a pop of color. Buntings also look fabulous in pictures, just sayin’.

7. Flowers


Another great way to add a pop of color to your barn wedding. There’s nothing more beautiful than fresh flowers. Anything goes in a barn. If you want your wedding to be on the more elegant side, you can go with roses. If you chose are barn for the casual feel, wild flowers would also work great. Barn weddings allow you that option to use cheaper flowers but not come off cheap. In my experience any and every type of flower looks great in a barn!

Want more?

These elements work so nicely together to create the perfect decor. And they’re all pretty easy on the checkbook, too! If you’re looking for more inspiration, head on over to our gallery of barn wedding inspiration and check out our pinterest boards. We’ve hand picked several awesome examples from some of the most beautiful barn weddings across the nation.

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