Working in a bridal boutique every day we get to meet thousands of Brides and hear their stories of how they met their fiancé, the proposal and of course their dreams for the perfect wedding.

One of my favorite parts of their journey is to hear them speak about the theme they have chosen and right now most of them are incorporating a rustic theme which has turned out to be my absolute favorite!

One of the hottest wedding trends in 2018 is getting married outdoors on a farm, ranch, vineyard and now mountain top. This is so exciting to see Brides and Grooms getting creative when selecting their wedding venues, gone are the boring days of everyone going to the church then the local banquet hall or hotel. Hallelujah!

Fitting in with this earthy venue trend is the modern day Bride. She has totally transformed from the traditional princess dolled up in a satin ballgown with long detachable train, fully adorned with beading or lace (am I dating myself? Lol) into a genuinely soft and demur Bride that wants minimal details, little structure and just to feel beautiful without a lot of fuss. We refer to her as a Boho Bride. These Bohemian trends of lightweight fabrics, effortless details and ethereal, whimsical wedding gowns are exactly what she wants to wear in her rustic setting.

With so many rustic venues to choose from it has got to be hard to decide on just one. And once you do there are so many little details to iron out but most of them do not include bad weather. So what do you do if you choose your favorite mountain backdrop and the day of the wedding the temperature drops to darn right cold on your wedding day or worse, it snows? Or you have chosen your favorite barn setting to say your nuptials and it rains? You know your guests are going to be dressed up, excited to be part of the sharing of your vows but they know they are going to freeze and be uncomfortable. What do you do?

Think ahead and plan for chilly temps just in case. We love this idea by Lucky Penny Event Planning cozy blankets for your guests to pick up and use if they need to. After all you want them to be comfortable not shivering during your ceremony. It also makes for a cute DIY wedding décor idea that will be something your guests remember. No one wants their wedding to be just like everyone else’s, add your own personality and flare.

What do you do if the theme or look you want for your wedding venue doesn’t really exist where you live? Maybe your favorite place to visit is Colorado and you want nothing more in the world but to have your wedding there. But you can’t figure out how to make it happen since you and all the family lives in Florida, it would be too expensive for everyone to travel not to mention harder to do all the planning from so far away. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could bring Colorado to Florida? Since our bridal boutique is in Florida we are familiar with so many of the breathtaking rustic venues that our beautiful state offers. The perfect barn setting seems to be everywhere in Florida, but recently I stumbled upon a new venue that surprised me.

Recently a lovely cattle farm has been transformed into a magical wedding venue. It is equipped with all the charming rustic details a boho bride would want including a lovely lodge that reminds me of Colorado. Details are everywhere you turn, from the soaring cathedral ceilings to the reclaimed brick floors. And what rustic venue could ever be perfect without custom-forged iron hardware? You can have your fairy tale wedding anywhere you like. Search the internet the perfect barn wedding venue will find you! So pick out your best cowboy boots, put on your ethereal wedding dress and Say I Do surrounded by old world country charm.

Every day we are blessed to meet Brides and hear their wonderful stories. They share how they met their life partner, the big proposal and of course the details of the wedding. We can’t help but get excited to help them select the wedding gown that has all of the right effortless details; soft lace, little to no structure, fun and flowy skirts and of course the magic of an earthy flower crown for her hair.

The beauty of the bohemian bride is that she is true to one thing – Herself. She loves a beautiful dress that feels good on her body. Finding the perfect boho inspired wedding dress is easy now by shopping local boutiques or better yet…by buying a preowned wedding dress. Check out for great styles and prices.

We are thrilled that the bohemian wedding trends are standing the test of time. Wedding dresses are being inspired and crafted based on the Boho Brides desires of ethereal wedding details, soft and romantic laces and effortless fabrics but it doesn’t stop there. The venues, the details, the handwritten elements, and even DIY projects, every Boho Bride has her own unique Rustic wedding event and we can’t get enough! Can’t believe this is what we do every day….so lucky to have fallen into this career that has become my passion.

Photo Credit: Lucky Penny Event Planning | Sunny Acres Lodge

Lesley Turner is the co-owner, purchasing manager and operations director of 4 store locations for CC’s Bridal Boutique in Tampa, FL. After spending twelve years in the formal wear and wedding industry a passion inside her took over and led to a new entrepreneurship endeavor, the creation of; a marketplace connecting brides buying and selling wedding dresses online.

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