Looking to claim a listing that already exists on Barn Wedding Central?

We’ve added venues to Barn Wedding Central over the past years to make the experience for our brides and grooms better. Many of the venues on our website still need to be claimed by owners.

There is a quick 2 step process for claiming a venue.

In order to claim a venue, you must first register for an account. Registering for an account is free and will start the 2 step process. The second step is to email sarah@barnweddingcentral.com and provide your email and the URL (or name) of your listing on Barn Wedding Central.

We do this in order to verify the authenticity of the owner.

We may request additional proof of ownership.

What’s next?

Upgrading your account can happen once your venue is claimed by you. Upgraded accounts gain 5X more exposure and only cost $12 per month.