Unlike any other season, fall weddings get the celebratory mood going.

It takes inspiration from the beautiful foliage of autumn, the warm pies you sink your teeth in to help shake out the chill brought by the weather, and the lineup of upcoming holidays. Indeed, festivity is in the air during this season. Don’t miss our post that showcases barn wedding invitations that are perfect for autumn weddings.

So if you’re planning to get married this fall, you’re in for a real treat. From reception decor to dessert tables to grand getaways, we compiled unique and fun ways you can have for your fall wedding. Read on for rustic wedding ideas and inspiration!

1. Dress up in a flannel shirt or cardigans.

Cover up against the cold! A flannel or a cardigan worn over your wedding dress will not only protect your from the chilly breeze; it will also loosen up your stylewhich is perhaps the kind of laidback style that runs through every barn-inspired wedding. Who says you have to stick to stiff wedding fashion anyway?

Photo Credit: Melissa McCrothy

2. Your bridesmaids can join in on the fall wedding style game, too.

Photo Credit: Borrowed and Blue

3. As for men’s attires—shove the tuxedos aside and go for tweed and denim.

This ensemble will surely give the best guys in your wedding a rustic, fall-ready look.

Photo Credit: Woman Getting Married

4. Choose earthy or jewel tones for your wedding motif.

Nothing says fall like a delicious, deep color palette. Whether you’re going for autumn’s orange and chestnut shades or the opulent plums and burgundy hues reminiscent of the holidays ahead, the season’s colors will bring your wedding to life.

Photo Credit: Heart Love Always

5. Bring couches outdoors!

A couch brought outdoor, especially one with a vintage structure and an elegant finish, is a great platform for artistic, whimsical shots.

Photo Credit: Couches Outdoors

6. Decorate with white pumpkins.

Pumpkins are emblematic of the season. Whether lined up along the aisle or placed as a centerpiece on a table, pumpkin decorations in a fall wedding will send your guests into a festive mood. White pumpkins especially give an elegant touch!

Photo Credit: Digs Digs

7. Get creative with your fall wedding guestbook.

Let your guests send you wishes by writing on a large, white pumpkin….

Photo Credit: Something Turquoise

…etch messages on a slab of wood…

Photo Credit: Wedplan

…or simply have them leave their marks on a Fingerprint Tree.

Photo Credit: Weddingomania

8.If you’re holding your wedding outdoors, consider creating a tent made of strings of twinkle lights.

The setup will lend your wedding that dreamy, woodland vibe.

Photo Credit: Austin Gros

9. Arrange a backdrop that takes elements from nature.

You’ll be facing your ceremony backdrop most of the time during your wedding, so it better not be an afterthought. A crocheted backdrop held up by wooden frames and decorated with the season’s blooms will definitely work for bohemian-inspired weddings.

Photo Credit: Chris and Ruth Photography

Photo Credit: Melissa Marshall

Photo Credit: Happy Wedd

10. Lay out several patterned rugs for your aisle runner.

The mismatched, disjointed patterns is a refreshing change from the usual, long carpet roll. It’s a shabby-chic decor that will beautifully blend into any fall wedding set in a barn or a farm.

Photo Credit: Chris and Ruth Photography

11. Go all out on the lighting and candles.

The flickering flames will set a romantic tone for your fall wedding.

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Photo Credit: Easom

Photo Credit: Decozilla

12. Serve fall’s well-loved desserts.

Pecan pies and apple cider donuts are always a good idea.

Photo Credit: Brooke Courtney Photography

…while you’re at it, serve your food on slabs of wood! Trust us when we say that round slabs of a tree trunk used as serving plates will only make your dessert table look more inviting and rustic than ever.

Photo Credit: Amanda Dumouchelle Photography

13. Set up a popcorn bar!

Everyone loves a good, quick snack they can munch on even while strolling around the venue.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Anne Designs

14. Use florals as your table runner.

The more wild and undone, the more enchanting.

Photo Credit: Happy Wedd

15. Get a naked cake adorned with seasonal flowers or a frosted cake with a birch tree pattern.

Despite it being essentially consumable, your fall wedding cake lives beyond your big day. It gets snapped by your wedding photographer and talked about by your wedding guests. Make sure that your fall wedding cake is unforgettable by presenting something as unique as a naked cake or a printed cake.

Photo Credit: Jake and Necia Photography

Photo Credit: Menning Photographic

16. Supply shawls and blankets for guests!

Keep your wedding guests comfortable and warm with clothes they can throw over their shoulders and cozy up in.

Photo Credit: Harwell Photography via Toast Events

17. Small jars of maple syrup or jam make for great wedding favors…

Photo Credit: Relatively Offbeat Get photo here

…so does a bag of coffee or a biscuit recipe in a jar.

Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks

Photo Credit: Tiffney Photography via Wedding Wire

18. DIY a bowling alley lined with hay.

Not only is it fun and easyit’s an inexpensive game for you to set up post-ceremony.

Photo Credit: Wedding Dates UK

19. Arrange an outdoor cinema!

If in such case that you would like to provide your guests a laid-back option for an activity, an outdoor cinemacomplete with picnic blankets or hay sofaswould work great. 

Photo Credit: Damien Ford Photography

20. Exit the venue on a horse!

Whether you’re riding on separate horses or hiring a horse-drawn carriage, you deserve a scenic and dramatic escapadeyou only get married once!

Photo Credit: Chris Davis Photography

Photo Credit: Leo Timoshuk


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