You may be wondering:

What should I wear to this upcoming barn wedding?

Great question. You’re not the only one asking that question.

In fact, there are over 752,000 results when you search in Google what you should wear.

We’ve done our best to break down the essential guide for your barn wedding attire.

Barn weddings are the new trend, but not all barn weddings are created equal.

Some are elegant and require dressing up in your best attire, while others are meant to be casual, hence the hosting it in a barn, farm, lake or vineyard.

Remember this;

Every wedding is as unique as the couple it celebrates it.

Do some intel on the barn wedding venue.

Most invitations mention the location of the ceremony and reception. Take this chance to go to the venue(s) website and click on their photo galleries.

This gives you the chance to peek around at past weddings and gather the best intel you can without having to ask around.

What does the invitation look like?

Most couples set the tone of their wedding with their invitation. You should be able to get a sense of the dress code from the style of the invite. Is calling for more casual or more fancy?

The theme of the wedding should come through on the invitation. Pay close attention to see if it’s a western, country or rustic themed wedding which may suggest a more casual dress like khakis for the men and skirts or sundresses for the women.

For the more upscale rustic weddings, you may want to stick with a more classic / semi-formal looks such as a long maxi dress for the women or suit (without a tie) for men.

This isn’t always obvious.

If you’re still unsure after getting the rustic invitation, keep reading because we’ll give you tips to fit right in (and stay comfortable) for all rustic weddings.

There are endless amounts of looks that you could wear to a country wedding but we’ll just give you some quick tips below to get you on your track to making a decision.

Rustic Dress Ideas for Ladies

As you’re planning for the upcoming rustic themed wedding, you can expect the reception to be in a barn or outdoor venue. Go for the semi-formal look with a maxi dress — which can be dressed up or down as much as you’d prefer. Dress is up with jewelry accessories and fun shoes.

Another look that is favorable for barn weddings, vineyard weddings, farm weddings and so on is a cocktail dress that sits right above or right below the knee. You can go with a solid color look or go for something fancy with lace. Remember that shoes are your chance to make this outfit pop, especially with a fun cocktail dress. Note: You might be sitting on straw or near ponds that attract mosquitoes. Keep that exposed skin in mind!

Great options for the ladies include:

  • Sundress that is knee-length or longer
  • Cap sleeve or sleeveless
  • Spring colors, light-weight fabric (cotton or linen)
  • A light dress jacket, shawl or a cardigan
  • A wide-brimmed hat
  • Strappy sandals
  • Sunglasses just in case you’re staring at the sun
  • Mini or knee-length dress

The dress should feel comfortable and free flowing to make the occasion. The chances of you sitting in direct sunlight or sitting on straw go up at barn weddings so you will want to make sure you’re going to enjoy the day.

If you are looking to stand out a bit, try the direction of gingham prints, stripes, and lace dresses. These style are not only trendy but they are perfect for rustic weddings.

Rustic Dress Ideas for Men

Dressing for a barn wedding for guys can range anywhere from the causal look like jeans, to plaid shirts to cowboy boot to dressed up with sport coats and suits. Outdoor weddings (or barn weddings) tend to allude to a more casual environment and you’re not going to get called out like you would at a black tie formal.

Stick with the classic look of a cotton or linen jacket or suit with lighter colors such as grey, brown and tan. If you go the jean route, make sure they’re darker jeans that don’t have any holes or wear and tear to them. A pair of dark bootcut jeans with a button up shirt and a sports jacket can be a winning look at a rustic wedding.

Accessories your look with brimmed hats, bow ties and even some suspenders. These are classic accessories for achieving the ‘rustic look’.

Great options for the guys include:

  • Khaki Slacks
  • Button-down dress shirt
  • Button-down polo
  • Dress shoes (leather)
  • Blazer / sport coat
  • More Formal Attire
  • Tie / Bowtie
  • Unstructured suit

The winning look: You can’t fail with a summer suit, white button down shirt and a pair of loaders. Substitute the suit with Khaki pants and a sports coat and you take it more casual as the night goes on.


When planning for any wedding, you want to be thinking about shoes you can last in for 4-6 hours, look cute and match the style of the outfit.

With rustic weddings, there is an added element to consider;

The terrain.

Due to the sometimes variable terrain with rustic wedding locations, playing it safe with wedges or flats will help you accomplish the look without running into difficulties throughout the day.

Go with the unique details on the wedges and flats help you feel sophisticated. Whether it’s a bright color, an ankle strap or an ornament, you can be sure to find a she with a little extra flair.


When it comes to choosing a handbag for the wedding, remember two things;

  1. Keep it small
  2. Coordinate with the outfit

ONLY pack the essentials. I’m talking your phone, lipgloss, payment and ID. When it comes to outdoor weddings in particular, the last thing you’ll want is a big heavy handbag to haul.

If you’re going for a simple look with your dress, add an accent color to your outfit with your handbag with a floral or brighter look. If you dress stands out with a brighter color, tone down the handbag with a simple classic look.


For women, it’s always safe to go with the pastel hues, white or neutral colors. If you need a specific color option, shades of pink and blue are the perfect colors for any barn themed or country wedding.

Depending on the rustic surroundings, a floral dress or a printed dress suit the wedding style and will look great in photos along side the solid color guests.

Neutral colors work well for men as too. A khaki suit or something light will keep you comfortable and classy. If you plan to go a little more casual, slip on a sport coat for the ceremony and bail on it when the dancing starts at the reception.

A pop of color in the outfit will make it fun, gentlemen. Get creative with your look and have the pop of color show up on the socks, bowtie (or regular tie), handkerchief or suspenders.

Jewelry & Accessories

  • Pearls necklace
  • Diamond studs
  • White satin gloves
  • Bold, colorful necklaces

At a rustic themed wedding, you don’t need to go overboard with the accessories.

Less is more.

If you’re wearing bright colors in your outfit, go with a more neutral colored necklace (perhaps something gold) and make sure it complements your overall theme.

Keep it classic with the earrings. Classic pearl or diamond stud earrings will be the perfect touch for the night.
In the event of a western themed wedding, go all out with your cowboy boot

Seasonal Rustic Wedding Looks

Summer Barn Wedding Attire Looks

If the wedding is a summer wedding, think light and airy fabrics. A lot of barns are not air conditioned, so you most likely don’t want to wear a fabric that doesn’t breathe, even if it is the cutest dress you own!

Trust me, you will not look great in that gorgeous dress if you are dripping in sweat.

I would recommend a short, sleeveless dress for a hot summer barn wedding. If you are one who is always cold, pack a cardigan you can throw on over your dress. Always be prepared!

Fall Barn Wedding Attire Looks

If you are attending a fall wedding, why not wear an adorable dress paired with boots. The boots will keep your legs warm, while going perfectly with the barn wedding style. I of course prefer to wear boots everywhere I go, so maybe that’s just me!

As for those super high heels? I say no. Do they make your legs look great? Well, probably, but you most likely won’t appreciate looking ridiculous as you stumble through the grass in them.

Go for the flats! If you have a dress that looks great with flats, wear it. I’m not saying you can’t wear heels, I’d just keep them to a minimum height.

Lastly, don’t forget your sunglasses. There’s nothing more miserable than sitting outside looking into the glaring sun! If it’s not sunny, don’t wear them. But if it is sunny you’ll have them. Better safe than sorry!

Still not sure what to wear? Head over to our Barn Wedding Attire board on Pinterest. This will hopefully give you some ideas of what I’m talking about. Barn wedding brides, please feel free to speak up. Let us know in the comments below your feelings on the issue.

Things to Avoid Wearing to a Barn Wedding

  • Wearing dark colors
  • Typical ceremonies are outdoors or in poor. Plus photos in natural light will make your lighter colors pop and you won’t regret it.
  • Tall heels
  • Walking in grass with heels is not going to be enjoyable
  • Heavy clothing
  • Except for the chilly fall nights, most summer rustic weddings will be more enjoyable with fabric that is breathable.
  • Oversized hats
  1. I have been invited to my nephew’s wedding in NJ, it is going to be at a barn setting and who knows what kind of wether we will be having in April as it could be really unpredictable. I am not sure what to wear! The ceremony will be outdoors but the reception is going to be indoors. What dress style and color dress you suggest for that time of the year? And I don’t think people will be wearing boots thou. Please help! Thank you

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